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Nagano, Japan (father) + Tokyo, Japan (mother) = Atlanta, GA (born) => New York => Shanghai => Tokyo

HAMACIDE is a Japanese-American producer based in Tokyo-based and the co-founder of Twin Capital.  Born in raised in Atlanta, HAMACIDE grew up listening to and playing classical music.  While in Atlanta, he worked as audio crew on a multitude of Dirty South hip-hop video sets. After moving to New York City in 2002, he found himself working as an audio engineer for Broadway and off-Broadway theater.  From there, he moved to Shanghai, China where he met collaborators ChaCha and Downstate (his collaborator in a project called S L V).

Starting with LEYODE’s “fascinating tininess…” on Prefuse 73’s Eastern Development Music in 2007, HAMACIDE has been releasing music on labels from all over; Shanghai’s SVBKVLT, Japan’s Oilworks and Blacksmoker Records, and Victor to name just a few.