BLPRS are a 4-piece rock band out of Kyoto, Japan. Brothers Satoshi and Fumihiko Sasa grew up moving around Belgium, Dubai, and the U.S. and prefer writing songs in English than in their native language of Japanese.  Stepping away from their comfort zone, BLPRS enlisted electronic producer HAMACIDE and pioneering sound designer Yosi Horikawa to reshape their creative process. "Isle" bumps like a dance record while elevating their rock sound.

DOWNLOAD Crunchybird "The Incident at Fallthrough Bridge"

This is the soundtrack to a dream.

There’s a story. A beginning, middle and end. Heroines. Villains. Bridges. Chases. Evil twins. Children. Drugs. And hamburgers.

Nobody really likes hearing other people explain their dreams. So Tokyo artist Crunchybird made this instead.

"The Incident at Fallthrough Bridge" is a love-letter to his creative influences. It's an homage to the threaded concept albums from bands like Pink Floyd and Neutral Milk Hotel. It's a nod to the fantastic, genre-bending storytelling from creators like Stephen King and Christopher Nolan. And it’s a hug on the fearless creativity of noise artists like John Zorn and Boredoms.

Recommended if you like dreamy wordless acoustic folk, uncomfortable beats, epic instrumental post-rock, speedy pop punk, experimental noise, screamy hardcore, children’s choruses and tidy resolutions.

DOWNLOAD Malcolm Voltaire "Paradise" ft. Prefuse 73 Remix

Our fourth release comes from Jamaican/Haitian, first generation American emcee Malcolm Voltaire. Based in Tennessee by way of Atlanta, Georgia, this Southern-bred MC delivers soulful and introspective lyrics over lo-fi beats produced by reclusive east-coast duo Outer Order.  Paradise is Voltaire’s second release following 2016’s Black Summer. Legendary producer Prefuse 73 contributes a remix that takes Paradise into another dimension.

HAMACIDE remix of Cedrics feat. Bambi Watanabe for Gremmel

Hamacide did a remix of a track by Cedrics & Bambi Watanabe for Japanese clothing label Gremmel.

DOWNLOAD Technic Runner "Ya Duro" feat. DBK Teklife

Robomontana and Squarehead are Technic Runner.  This mysterious duo is based in Tokyo, Japan, but claim to be from outer space.

DOWNLOAD "Toast" - Aristophanes, Hamacide, Gebo, Afra, OYG, Big Game Huntaz

Toast is our second official release.  This follow up to Skipping on the Sea with Busdriver + Olive Oil features MCs and producers from Taiwan, Japan and Los Angeles, including Aristophanes (Grimes), Nobody (Low End Theory), Eureka the Butcher (The Mars Volta), Gebo, Afra, and HAMACIDE, 

DOWNLOAD Busdriver x Olive Oil "Skipping on the Sea"

This is our first official release! LA's Busdriver and Fukuoka's Olive Oil team up.